Washington State Horse Park New Website

February 2022 – Courtesy of Washington State Horse Park Facebook page.

Here are some important things to know. The new online look and functions are the result of many weeks of research and programming by Tracey Trewin, all on a volunteer basis. For those who don’t know Tracey, she is a high level tech industry executive and skilled applications developer. She also trains and competes in the sport of eventing and, lucky for all of us, she loves the Park! We are very grateful she has been willing to devote her time and expertise to get 8 apps all working together so stylishly. Her pictures are below in case you recognize her, or meet her in the future. Please take a moment now to thank her.
Our appreciation also goes to Rebecca Lux who produced the Park’s first online store experience in 2019. She has been managing “an unwieldy beast” ever since and identified many areas where more sophisticated programming was needed to better serve our customers and support Park staff. Thank you, Rebecca, for your dedication and continuing involvement.
When you visit the website you’ll notice lots of pictures to recognize the wide range of users who enjoy the Park’s facilities and beautiful setting. Look closely and maybe you’ll see yourself or someone you know!
Please take time to review the website and shopping cart at wahorsepark.org and let us know what you think. If you have a suggestion, we’d sincerely like to hear it. And thank you all for your patience. The Park opens on April 1st, and we hope to see you soon!

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