Pigeon Fever Uptick in Spokane Area

May 2021 – Erin Kennedy, DVM Success In Motion Veterinary Services, PLLC

Pigeon fever has been an increasing issue in the Spokane area over the last few years. If you have had to displeasure of dealing with a horse with pigeon fever, then you know the importance of trying to prevent further cases. Fly control is crucial for control as flies can spread the disease from horse to horse and up to 4 miles!
There is also a very effective Pigeon Fever vaccine from Boehringer Ingelheim that can help prevent infection. Naive horses will require 2 doses 3-4 weeks apart for full protection. This 2 dose series should start in June so that immunity is at its peak when the Pigeon Fever season hits (August-October). Schedule your horses and barns for this protective vaccine and lets try to decrease case numbers of this disease in our area!

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