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Courtesy of Lynnette Hoffman July 26, 2021 with the Home Town Debate

There is a new business in the Toledo area and it fits right in with the country life. Emily Marshall opened High Tail Tack, which is definitely a tack shop. This one is a little different, it is consignment and the items are new or gently used. You will find many things in the store.

Emily Marshall is a former teacher from Winlock, but her love for horses and tack is why she started her business. Emily started in the tack shop back in the 2000s, during this time she learned about the business. Emily stated, “I started working at a tack room too, in Tumwater, in 2000. I was able to learn so much about the tack industry from the owners and managers. They are wonderful, and I consider them a second family.” She decided to open the tack store because of her past experience, she continued, “I’ve been involved with horses since I was a teenager, and even as life took me through different career paths, I continued to ride, train horses, and give riding lessons, as well as keep working part time at the tack room.”

You can tell when you walk in that Emily loves her new shop, but her love for horses is what you will see. Emily stated, “I love the horses and their people, they are very dedicated. I think of riding horses as a partner sport, but your partner just happens to weigh half a ton, and speaks a different language! It takes a tremendous amount of patience and care to meet goals, no matter what type of horse and rider are on the team. I decided to open a consignment tack store because horse people are my people. Being at the store feels like being home; I enjoy helping people find the right tools for the job and being there to solve challenges and share in triumphs. When the timing was right for me to start my own business, with some hard work, all of the pieces fell into place! I’ve been very blessed to have tremendous support as I started High tail Tack.”

She has many items for sale, some horse related or some country decor. Emily has a wide range of products, she continued, “The store consigns clean, safe, pre-owned, horse and rider equipment, and accessories. We have saddles, bridals, halters, blankets and sheets, clothing, boots, and gifts! We can take just about everything except for used helmets, or items that are unsafe. We cater to all riding disciplines. Western, English, we have Australian saddles and even a side saddle or two. We have some horse carts coming in and will enjoy carrying driving equipment and supplies. People who would like to consign can call the store and arrange to bring their items in for consignment.”

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High Tail Tack

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