FAWS Fall Convention

Farrier1Farriers Association of Washington State
Annual Fall Convention September 22-24
Featuring Trey Green, CJF and Ashley Green, DVM.

The Fall Convention brings several days of learning and comradery in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.   This year’s speakers, Trey Green, Certificated Journeyman Farrier and Ashley Green, Veterinarian, provided an immense amount of information, ideas, and insight topped off with laughs.

On the schedule:
In Motion Case Study’s
Forging and Shoemaking Demos
Lecture: Bridging the gap between Veterinarians and Farriers
Horseshoeing Contest
Lecture: Acupuncture and treating Lameness
Lecture: Shoeing the Working and Performance horse when rest is not an option.
Lecture: The Right Shoe for the Job
Lecture: Laminitis, An ongoing Battle
Dinner and Auction plus so much more.

While this fall convention is focused on our Northwest Farriers other equine professionals are welcome.  You will find more details about FAWS and their annual convention on the FAWS website, www.farriersofwa.com


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