‘Out Of The Wild’ movie to be released December 5th.

out of the wildOUT OF THE WILD is the story of Henry McBride, a down and out cowboy with a painful past he can’t drink away.

Living on his last dollar with nowhere to go, he ends up working the last place an old cowboy wants to be: A dude ranch. It is here he meets the owner, Jessie King, a no-nonsense rancher with a deep love for horses. McBride’s self-discovery begins when she introduces him to a new way of training a troubled mustang, a horse whose past and temperament mirror his own.

As the story brings together the paths of these two beaten souls, man and horse, it is King that sees a shared spirit deep within them- One that is hidden beneath anguish, torment, and years endured in the darkest of places. Behind the broken heart of a family lost, a soul tormented with guilt, and an endless haze of booze to dull the pain, she knows McBride is at heart a good man. Just as she knows the mustang can once again find that spirit, so too must McBride.

What transpires is a story of redemption, moving McBride beyond even his deepest wounds to discover a life he never thought possible.

The film is based on the life of Mark Rashid, world-renowned horseman and writer of both the novel and screenplay for Out of the Wild. Mark’s approach to training horses is rooted in a deep understanding of the bond between man and horse, as well as a distinct softness with which he treats each animal he encounters.

Directed by Paul Krizan – Written by Mark Rashid – Produced by Ben Ashbrook

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