Oregon 6-Month Travel Passports End January 1

Courtesy of Del Oeste Equine Hospital.

This week we received a notification from the Oregon State Veterinarian, Brad Leamaster, that the 6-month equine travel passport will be ending as of January 1, 2020.

The passport is officially called EECVI, which stands for Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is commonly called a “health certificate.”

The explanation of why this is happening is somewhat complicated, but it is related to the fact that voluntary reporting of animal movement by passport holders has not worked. Many western states are using a different system (Global Vet Link, or GVL for short) to track the movement of horses between states. Oregon (and some other states) require the signature of a licensed veterinarian, and currently, GVL’s system does not support this. The current 6-month passport is ending because no other states will accept it.

According to Leamaster, it’s possible that GVL will be improving their system, so Oregon will be able to use the GVL system, and begin to issue a multi-state certificate of some sort. As it stands now, Oregon will end the passport system at the end of this year. Passports issued prior to January 1 will be honored until they expire.

Below is the full message from the State Vet to other veterinarians. We’ll post an update if Oregon changes its position Click to continue reading and view statement from Brad Leamaster, State Veterinarian.

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