New Requirements for Travel into Idaho and Oregon

February 2017 – State Veterinary Offices have issued new travel requirements for travel into Idaho and Oregon. Travel restrictions now require a current negative Coggin’s test within the prior of entry.   Oregon requires 6 months prior to travel with Idaho at 12 months.  Always confirm each states requirements.

“I want to notify you that the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has elected to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ODA, cogginsthe Washington State Department of Agriculture and the Idaho Department of Agriculture regarding requirements for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) testing which allowed an exemption for the test.

Ten EIA positive horses in Washington and four in Oregon were detected in 2015 and early 2016. Additionally, one EIA positive horse was detected in Idaho in 2016. Because of these recent EIA positive detections ODA believes it is in the best interest of our equine industry that the EIA testing waiver be annulled and that EIA testing be resumed for interstate movement. Idaho has also reinstated the Coggin’s testing requirement. Beginning Monday February 13 we will be requiring a negative Coggin’s test within the prior six months for importation of Equidae into Oregon from Washington and Idaho. This requirement already exists for all other states.

In summary, the Coggin’s test exemption that has been in place with Washington and Idaho has been terminated. Importation requirements for Equidae from all states include a CVI (Health Certificate), entry permit, and a negative Coggin’s test within the prior six months of entry.”

– Brad LeaMaster, DVM, MS, PhD Oregon State Veterinarian

State of Idaho Agriculture

Oregon Department of Agriculture

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