Barn Parking Lot Thefts in King and Snohomish Counties

honda textMay 30, 2017 – A silver 4 door mid-2000 (approx) Honda Civic with aftermarket exhaust, and silver rims has been seen checking out barns.  The driver is described as male, about 6ft, and clean cut.  Says he has a daughter who wanted lessons.  Recent thefts of valuables from cars in the barn parking lots have been reported.  This is occurring in Northern King County and South Snohomish County.


 Last year, in January there were several thefts at barns in the Redmond/Woodinville area of King County.  As of July the same type of thefts are also occurring at barns in the Snohomish and Monroe area. Purses and valuables were taken from vehicles while riders are busy in the barn.  If cars are locked they are breaking windows to access.  A silver BMW has been seen at several of the theft locations.  Reports are that some barns have been hit twice.

The car was described as a 1999 BMW 323i, the photo to the right is believed to be of the suspect car (from last year).  The thieves may be using multiple plates but the car has been seen bmw-edited-300x224with WA APK5345 and ABR7347 or ABR7341.

The young male is described as probably in his 20-30’s, dirty blond or brown hair.  He is even engaging in conversation asking questions about board rates.  A young male sits casually in the car playing on a cell phone. 

Please share this information to all barn owners.  Remove your valuables from the vehicles, lock in the trunk or tack locker.

If you have new information regarding these thefts please contact us to update content.


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