Calendar of NW Clinics and Workshops

Julie Carpenter Horsemanship Clinic @ Bridle Trails State Park
Sep 5 – Sep 8 all-day

September 5-8: (4 Day)  Julie Carpenter Horsemanship From The Heart Clinic

Julie Carpenter’s experiences as a horse trainer, yoga instructor and life coach have served to make her uniquely qualified to offer riders from all walks of life a way to better their partnership with their horse. 

When a horse’s thought is more important than the rider’s thought, resistance builds. When there is clarity in what a horse is being asked, a horse can learn to let go of a thought – to relax and submit willingly to a julierider’s direction. When the horse is not resisting, muscles can relax and stretch, allowing the horse’s overall development and balance to occur naturally.

This clinic will work on ground to saddle and arena to trail, refining the art of horsemanship and  communication between horse and rider.  More softness, improving the clarity in how we ask the horse, really getting your horse to be with you, are all worked on.  There will be both individual sessions and group work. 

You will learn new skills that you can take home to help you refine your horsemanship.  You’ll learn about keeping your horse’s thought and attention with you whether you are riding at home, out on a trail or at a show. 

All disciplines welcome!  Julie has the ability to help you and your horse without overwhelming either of you.  Julie’s keen desire to help people and horses creates an atmosphere of positive energy, kindness and enthusiasm.

This California resident has been coming to Washington for over 10 years providing instruction and support to numerous students.  Lake Washington Saddle Club is sponsoring a five day clinics with Julie. 


 Clinics will be held at Bridle Trails State Park, rain or shine.  Clinic will have six participants.  Over the course of the clinic participants will work with their horses from the ground (at liberty and in-hand) and in the saddle. 

September 4 Day Clinic Fee: $930.00
$400.00 deposit is due at time of registration.  Entire fee is non-refundable unless the spot can be filled.  Auditors are welcome for a fee of $25.00 a day.  LWSC members audit at no charge.  Self care stalls available for $25.00 a day, bring your own bedding.  Stalls must be left stripped clean or additional charges apply.

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